November 30, 2020

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Law Student Menos Hiras to Create New Website Section on

HOLMDEL , NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — Hiras’s in-demand website can be found at Since its launch several months ago, the website has ranked number one on multiple search engines. Hiras said he created the website because he is passionate about law and wanted to help other aspiring lawyers to enter both law school and the law profession with confidence.

A new section of the website, which will make its debut on Jan. 1, 2021, will provide tips and advice specifically to students who are getting ready to take the bar exam. For instance, readers can learn how to schedule bar exam study times and where to access the type of information covered on the test. Both videos and blogs will be included in this area of the website.

Right now, the website offers tips for successfully applying to law school. For instance, on the website, Hiras emphasizes the importance of preparing for the interview, writing a strong admission statement, displaying grade-A academic achievements, and obtaining compelling recommendation letters.

On the website, Hiras furthermore explains the unique challenges of attending law school. For instance, students must get used to learning through the Socratic method versus traditional lectures. In addition, the learning curve is steep for law school students, as extensive legal jargon is introduced right away, according to Hiras.

Hiras also uses the website to explain how he got into law and what law students like him enjoy doing in their free time.

All in all, Menos Hiras said he looks forward to helping students to excel in law school and to ace the bar exam through his comprehensive website. Only then can they ultimately claim their dream law jobs and make a difference in the lives of many clients long term.

Menos Hiras
Menos Hiras
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