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Mohamed Mohamoud

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June 24, 2022

Idman news

Wararka Jaraaidyada Soomaalida ay qoreen

Eritrea Sees Opportunity to Increase its Regional Role

Asmara (HAN) 30th October, 2020. Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives. A senior advisor to the  Eritrean leader  says the reason behind the recent flare-up in violence is that Egypt has been emboldened by United States (President Trump Administration) support and now has military might it didn’t have previously. Those resources and the lack of progress from peace talks on the region mean that patience over the ongoing stalemate eventually ran out, between the leaders of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt over the Dam issues.

The visit of the Eritrean president to the site of the Ethiopian Nile Dam (the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance) shows a change of position in Eritrea, which had always backed Egypt in the Nile dam issue, since the Ethiopian Prime Minister Ato. meles Zenawi waged a war against Eritrean border in 1998.

Meanwhile, an Interview and reports of Geeska Afrika Online in 2016,  President Afewerki clearly said, “Ethiopia does not seek to generate power and  ensure development for its people. The dam serves other political goals, which is to use the Nile waters to strongarm Egyptians and Sudanese as did Turkey with Syria and Iraq.”

Ethiopian policies at that time  led by TPLF leaders has accused Egypt, on several occasions, of using Eritrean leader to pressure and destabilize Ethiopian led EPRDF policies in the region.

The shift in the Eritrean president’s position comes (Egypt-Ethiopian Dam issues to mediate) after the  signs of peace deal and full diplomatic & trade relation between Ethiopian government and Eritrean leader since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali came into a Menelik Palace in 2018.

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