October 18, 2020

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Wararka Jaraaidyada Soomaalida ay qoreen

Waxaa si guul ah kusoo gabo gabobay Isusobixii iyo soo dhawaynti Afhayenka Jwx…

Waxaa si guul ah kusoo gabo gabobay
Isusobixii iyo soo dhawaynti Afhayenka
Jwxo ,

Waxaa si Guul ah kusoo gabo gabobay
Isu soobixii maalinta Nabada lagu magac daray iyo Soo Dhawayntii Waftigii Uu hogamin hayay Afhayeenka Jabhada wadaniga Xorayntay ogadenia (Jwxo)
Halgame Abdiqadir Hassan Biihi…


It will come successfully.
The welcoming and welcoming of the speaker

It is successfully coming to you.
The day of peace was named and the welcoming of the delegation that was led by the spokesman of the national team of ogadenia (Jwxo)
Halgame Abdiqadir Hassan’s sports groups
(White Hermoge)

This memorial day of peace has been mentioned in qabridahar city of qabridahar region and it is expected that all of them will be remembered in the regions.

The people of qabridahare who love the regional state, I have been welcomed by the leaders of jwxo.

After welcoming the spokesman of jwxo spoke to the people in a far place and thanked the people of the people who are looking for the good way they welcomed.

Suraj Farah / writing media

Translated from Somali

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