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Mohamed Mohamoud

Author and the owner of idman news

January 26, 2022

Idman news

Wararka Jaraaidyada Soomaalida ay qoreen

Wasiir hore Cabdulaahi Ciilmooge Xirsi “kursiga laga bixinayo 1 Mliyan oo Dollar ma ahan kursi lagu shaqeynayo, waa kursi uun sabab kale loo raadinayo, lacagaha waxaa bixinayo madaxweynaha markaa rabo in faderaalka uu qabsado iyo dowlado shisheeye oo dano ka leh in ey soo saaraan qof ey iyagu…


Former Minister Abdullahi Ciilmooge Hirsi ′′ the seat will be paid for 1 million dollars is not a seat to work, it’s just a seat that is looking for another reason, the money will be given to the president so he wants to hold the federal government and foreign government who has interest to produce. Someone they want and the regional states are mostly producing and a rich person who is coming out of his money, so Somalia has not yet to remove someone who represent the citizens ′′

Abdulaahi Ahmed Ali

Translated from Somali

Somali Cable Tv

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