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Mohamed Mohamoud

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October 15, 2021

Idman news

Wararka Jaraaidyada Soomaalida ay qoreen

WAR-SAXAAFADEED WADAJIR AH Muqdisho, 19 Agoosto 2020 – Saaxiibada Soomaaliya ee…


Muqdisho, 19 Agoosto 2020 – Saaxiibada Soomaaliya ee beesha caalamka (ee liiska hoos ku taxan) waxay soo dhoweynayaan in hoggaanka Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya iyo kuwa Dowladaha Xubnaha ka ah Federaalka ay magaalada Dhuusamareeb soo gaareen 15kii bishan Agoosto, si ay u billaabaan kulankooda xiga, sida qorsheysnayd.

Waxay sidoo kale soo dhoweynayaan billowga hawsha Guddiga farsamo ee Wadajirka ah ee loo xilsaaray diyaarinta xulashooyinka hanaan doorasho oo la isugu…



Mogadishu, 19 August 2020-Somalia’s partners of the international community (on the list below) welcome the leadership of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States of Somalia reached Dhusamareb on August 15, so to start their next meeting, as planned.

They also welcome the start of the Joint Technical Committee for preparation for the electoral process that is compromised and compromised to investigate the leaders.

Friends are strongly encouraging the leaders of the Federal Members who have not yet joined the meeting to contact their current post in Dhusamareeb to solve any issues that are standing in order to all participate.

Friends inspire that it is important that all leaders participate in this conference to continue the process of building a total consciousness, and to produce a wide agreement on the 2020/21 federal electoral process that satisfies all Somali people.

All leaders remind the importance of the development of Somalia’s government and the export of previous promises.

In this look, friends are again stable that any attempt to rise up one or some of the few of the people who are forced to go through electoral ways that will not have the same law and cannot be implemented without support. necessary to be found in all other activities.

Friends are closely monitoring things from the meeting in Dhuusamareeb, and they are following the steps of acceptance and are ready to provide support to all participants to facilitate the implementation.

* Belgium, the United Kingdom of England, Denmark, Djibouti, the United States, France, Finland, African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Netherlands, Ireland, Ethiopia, Japan, Germany, Kenya, European Union, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Italy , Turkey, Uganda, State Organization (IGAD), and the United Nations.
* * * *

Translated from Somali

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