August 2, 2020

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Wararka Jaraaidyada Soomaalida ay qoreen

Qiso Xanuun badan C/Wali Duudoow oo ah inan dhalinyaro ah ayaa ah dhibane maalm…

Qiso Xanuun badan

C/Wali Duudoow oo ah inan dhalinyaro ah ayaa ah dhibane maalmo ka hor uu gaadhi ku jiidhey magaalada Beledweyne ee gobolka Hiiraan , gaadhigiina wuu baxsadey , Hooyada ayaa u soo qaadey dhakhtarka lafaha ee magaalada Carmo ee gobolka Bari , Dhakhaatiirtii waxay dheheen Waxaan u…


Painful story

Abdi Wali Duudoow, a young girl, a victim of a few days before he pulled a car in Beledweyne, and the car escaped, the mother took the bone doctor in Carmo, the doctors said we need money. 2000 dollar near-as she told us the mother of this girl-they didn’t have any money, the mother and her daughter who didn’t even have anything to eat has taken a car for free in laascaanood, she is asking for help. $ 2000 money to treat her daughter.

Now we have set up a hotel in a place, brothers, God will have mercy on us so wake up your mother, one person can pay the money to be treated.

Related to the mother of this girl

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Translated from Somali

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