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Mohamed Mohamoud

Author and the owner of idman news

December 2, 2021

Idman news

Wararka Jaraaidyada Soomaalida ay qoreen

CrisisInSight Weekly Picks, 30 July 2020 – Somalia


Since 19 July, flooding has displaced 20,000 people in the Mandalay region. The floods have affected seven townships. The Ayeyarwady river has risen to emergency levels after heavy rains, with the situation worsened by the breaking of a sedimentary dyke upstream. The displaced people are currently being hosted across 14 temporary shelters with immediate needs that include water, hygiene and dignity kits. Risk of COVID-19 transmission is increased by the unsanitary conditions of the shelters and overcrowding, making it challenging to ensure social distancing. Stagnant water from the flooding and the unsanitary conditions of these facilities increases the risk of spread of communicable diseases such as dengue, malaria, and diarrhoeal diseases. The impact on livelihoods is currently unclear with no assessment carried out due to limited access.

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Immunisation rates have fallen since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially over March-May, as campaigns were postponed to avoid the spread of the virus. Caregivers are also less willing to participate in immunisation campaigns because they fear exposure to COVID-19, are concerned they might not be able to maintain physical distance, and cannot afford to buy masks. In 2020, the Federal Government of Somalia was forced to postpone all the planned regular large-scale health campaigns that aimed to provide eligible children with vaccination for measles and polio. The seasonal floods that have affected large parts of Somalia since April have severely damaged the sanitation infrastructure, increasing the risk of outbreaks and spread of communicable diseases such as cholera and polio.

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State of Palestine

On 19 May, the Palestinian Authority (PA) announced they are ceasing security coordination with Israel, including the issuance of Israeli permits for Palestinians, necessary to access essential services in Israel. This decision is affecting Palestinians’ access to healthcare. Additionally, the import of essential supplies and operations by humanitarian agencies have been disrupted. The COVID-19 response has also been affected. The PA will no longer accept transfers of funds from taxes Israel collects on its behalf, which make up 80% of the PA’s monthly revenues. The funds are normally used to finance government employees’ salaries and public services in both the West Bank and Gaza. As a result, the PA was unable to pay full salaries for some of its 180,000 government employees in June.

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